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Who We Are

Rise Health is a leading value-based primary care company. We acquire independent primary care practices and empower our providers to fully manage patient care in a value-based environment. We provide a platform that utilizes best-in-class technology, clinical expertise and deep operational know-how.

Our focus is helping our patients have the greatest number of healthy days possible. We believe this is why caregivers went into medicine and that primary care providers are in the best position to deliver on the promise of better health for patients.

We work to move as many of our patients as possible to value-based/full risk arrangements. We believe value-based care is the best way to deliver the highest quality healthcare while aligning great patient-focused care with financial reward.

The Challenge

Healthcare in the United States remains a largely fee-for-service business.  Typically, fee-for-service care has focused on sick care: paying for use of facilities and procedures as they occur. 

Hospitals and specialists have often viewed primary care providers simply as a “source of referrals.” Moreover, the organization and cost structure of hospital systems and many procedurally oriented specialists makes it difficult or impossible for them to enter value-based arrangements.  At the same time, there has been little emphasis on, or payment for, the vital work of primary care practitioners - work that focuses on preventative care.

These factors and many others had led to a growing disconnect between cost and outcomes in American healthcare.  Rise believes that placing primary care providers back in the position as the quarterback of care will allow us to truly focus on the health of patients and align outcomes with cost.

The Solution

Rise Health believes value-based full risk primary care is the solution to the present disconnect between outcomes and spend in American healthcare.  Value-based care is care that focuses on improving health and healthcare by aligning incentives through sharing of financial risk.   

Rise Health brings proven care delivery and clinical innovations to its patients to ensure they receive the care when, where and how they need it. Rise uses the latest in healthcare analytics and care delivery technology, giving providers the tools and support to deliver on the aims of value-based, whole-person care. We are laser focused on eliminating non-value add work for both patients and providers. We want to bring back the joy to the practice of medicine while bringing health to our communities.

Our Promise to
Physicians and Clinicians

We will ensure you continue to deliver great care to all of the patients you see today and have additional tools and  resources to facilitate that care. The physician-patient relationship is the key to health and is at the heart of our strategy. More quality time with patients, less tedious work that diverts clinicians from providing excellent care. 

By aligning incentives, Rise Health simplifies the delivery of value-based care for the providers within our network. We believe we have a new paradigm for the future of healthcare and we are looking for partners.

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