Rise Health Launches
With Growth Equity Investment
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Re-defining primary care

Founded in 2021, Rise Health is a primary care platform that leverages technology to support providers in taking full financial risk. With a mission to help keep patients healthy, Rise brings proven care delivery and clinical innovations to its patients to ensure they receive the care when, where and how they need it.

Helping people stay healthy

The current fee-for-service model unintentionally incentivizes reactive care to acute events. We know that the proper management of chronic conditions can significantly reduce the incidence of acute episodes. But, we don't have financing models widely available to pay for this"well care."

Value-based care is positioned to change this by paying providers for improved health outcomes for their patients and reducing wasteful spending. Rise Health is designed to make the delivery of this value-based care easier for the providers in our network.

More healthy days is the Rise Health promise

We believe that personalized healthcare designed to keep people healthy should be accessible to everyone. Our value-based care model is designed to put quality, affordable care in the hands of people who need it most.

A new approach to improve outcomes and lower the total cost of care.

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