The Rise Health Movement powered by The Rise Technology Platform

Rise Health offers Technology and Data platforms to empower our clinicians with accurate, real-time data from every patient data source, all delivered through your EHR. Our Rise Health Technology Platform reduces the cost of care and increases the NPS from both clinicians and patients.

We focus on three key areas of Technology support to help our clinicians focus on their patients and run successful practices.

Patient & Data Analytics
Billing & Coding Support
Security & Infrastructure

The Rise Technology Platform is designed to:


Unify providers & payors to cost effectively deliver the best patient care.
We offer technology to enable best in class patient care between payors and providers, data ingestion & homogenization to provide better patient care and access to their clinicians


Support patient enablement through our platform and to help meaningfully engage with patients.


Work with world class partners & technology enabled specialist service providers to provide chronic condition care & support Rise Health clinicians in providing that entirety of care


Work with your current EMR to deliver on ease of use and to maximize the tools your care team is comfortable with.

Patient Data and Analytics

Primary Care Clinicians are a vital cog in a patient’s health plan. Unfortunately many physicians are unable to access important and actionable data to enable their patients to live healthier days.

Rise Health offers technology to pull in data from other key sources and to make sure that all data is aggregated and analyzed.

RPM Data

Telehealth Visit Data

Hospital Data

Data from Specialist visits

Why We Are Focused On Value Based Care

Rise Health believes primary care is the best solution to the present disconnect between patient outcomes and spending in the American healthcare system. Rise Health aligns our provider’s patients' health with financial rewards. Rise Health believes the relationship between payers and providers must be transformed to meet the demands of all stakeholders. Rise Health is focused on providing its clinicians with the ability to grow and to support their plans of engagement, intelligence, and infrastructure to meet the needs of their diverse patient population.

Aligned incentive contracting

Powerful technology to efficiently and effectively enable health for patients

Being on the cutting edge of changing American healthcare

Effective physician compensation and incentives

Primary care leading the way to health

Clinician Focused leadership and organizational structure

Reducing financial risk

Provide higher quality medical care to patients

Security and Infrastructure

Rise Health’s scale and expertise provides infrastructure and IT security to your practice.

Did you know that doctor’s offices have seen a 400% increase in malware, phishing, and ransomware attacks since 2020?

These attacks can come from phishing emails, cyber-attacks or even from hackers accessing 3rd party systems and finding a back-door into your business.

We provide you with enterprise level, 3rd party tools and security solutions, to maintain and secure your business data and systems. We offer enterprise size system security, again allowing you to focus on your patient while we handle the cyber-attacks and threats.

Enterprise IT & Infrastructure
Keep your EMR
Network Security
Expert Support

Rise Health puts primary care and the patient back in the driver seat

The Rise Health payvider model can turn your practice into a growth engine that supports sustainable margins and better health for all-which is a win-win scenario for the industry and patients.