About Rise Health

Today's fee for service healthcare is largely reactive sick care which has struggled to meet the needs of people.

Rise Health is designed to empower clinicians with a comprehensive suite of tools and care delivery support services to enable more healthy patient days.

Meet the Rise Health Team

The senior team at Rise Health has over 150 Years of experience innovating in healthcare.

If your Practice is feeling these pain points then you should talk to Rise Health

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Continuously rising costs


Hospital systems see you as just a referral source


Your patients are receiving reactive sick care more often than true health care


You can't keep up with changes in technology


Your team spends too much time on non clinical work


Finding, managing and retaining talented physicians


Health plans are unhelpful or difficult partners in patient care

The Best-in-Class Health Delivery Ecosystem

Rise Health was created to give primary care physicians the tools, time, technology & analytics, research, operational support, aligned payor contracts and more to deliver the best health care.

Technology & Analytics
Operational Support
Aligned Payor Contracts

Value-based care puts primary care and the patient back in the driver seat

Rise Health supplies access to technology, support, and care delivery models so that our providers have a complete picture of their patients’ health and are best positioned to manage their overall care.