The Rise Health Primary Care Providers

Rise Health believes that physicians should be focused on and rewarded for keeping patients healthy. We ensure that our providers have the technology, tools, resources, and support to efficiently deliver evidence-based care so that they can focus on the patient.

We built Rise Health around empowering our clinicians

Rise Health is the leading value-based care platform which partners with independent practices and utilizes best-in-class technology, clinical expertise, and deep operational know-how to empower patients to have healthy days.

The Best-in-Class Health Delivery Ecosystem

Rise Health was created to give primary care physicians the tools, time, technology & analytics, research, operational support, aligned payor contracts and more to deliver the best health care.

Technology & Analytics
Operational Support
Aligned Payor Contracts

What Rise Health delivers for you We are building tools to help you anticipate people's care needs and keep them healthy

Resources so that you can focus on the patient

More time for complex patient needs

Ability to build and efficiently execute on comprehensive care paths

Technology to automate and deliver on care

Data to manage chronic disease states

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The Impact We Provide

Rise Health is designed to assist your care teams to focus on what they love – helping patients live happier, healthier lives.

Close Patient Care Gaps

Use Resources Wisely To Deliver On Health

Improve Engagement & Patient Outcomes

Improve Care Team Satisfaction

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Keeping patients healthy

We provide a personalized approach focused on keeping people healthy.

The Rise Health technology platform ensures that our providers can manage the health of all of their patients. Our value-based model rewards clinicians for the health of their patients, not the number of patients they see.

Value-based care puts the patient back in the driver seat

Rise Health supplies access to technology, support, and care delivery models so that our providers have a complete picture of their patients’ health and are best positioned to manage their overall care.

Rise Health puts primary care and the patient back in the driver seat

The Rise Health payvider model can turn your practice into a growth engine that supports sustainable margins and better health for all-which is a win-win scenario for the industry and patients.