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Rise Health Welcomes Reese Dai as Vice President/Head of Analytics/Actuary

October 5th, 2023

Rise Health is delighted to announce the appointment of Reese Dai as our new Vice President/ Head of Analytics/Actuary at Rise Health. With a wealth of experience in both health plans and provider organizations, Reese will play a key role in developing analytics and actuarial capabilities for our Primary Care providers. Reese is committed to equipping providers with the necessary data and analytics tools to enhance patient outcomes and optimize their decision-making processes. We are excited about the contributions Reese will make to our organization and look forward to the positive impact on our patients' healthcare journey.

Reese is an esteemed professional who has made significant contributions to the field of healthcare. As a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and holder of a Ph.D. in economics, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as an actuary and health care executive. 

With approximately two decades of experience in the healthcare sector, including Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid lines of business, Reese is well-versed in predictive modeling, risk adjustment, reserving, population health management, value-based care, and provider contracting. Her profound understanding of Medicare ACO and Medicare Advantage programs further enhances her ability to deliver exceptional results for our team. 

Reese's impressive background includes working with top-tier consulting firms, health plans, and provider groups. 

We are delighted to have someone of Reese's caliber on our team who can provide valuable insights and guidance based on their extensive experience in the industry.

“I'm delighted to be a part of Rise Health, the leading payvider in the Southwest US, as I continue my journey in Value-Based Care” said Reese Dai, “I highly appreciate this opportunity to leverage my actuarial training and professional expertise in crafting advanced analytic solutions for value-based care at Rise Health. My goal is to empower our healthcare professionals with data-driven insights, ultimately contributing to the well-being and health of our patients.”

By bringing Reese onboard, Rise Health, the leading payvider in the Southwest US, is poised to enhance its data and analytic operations. The objective is to empower clinicians in their mission to improve patients' overall well-being. Reese's extensive expertise in developing top-notch analytic solutions in value-based care makes her a valuable addition to Rise Health. Her deep understanding of the sector and care approach will greatly contribute to our organization's growth.

“We are thrilled to have Reese’s real world risk management and actuarial experience on the Rise team. While she has many solid accomplishments from her early days at Centene through building teams at ChenMed and VillageMD, it was her commitment to understanding the true drivers in value-based care – and communicating that information in an actionable-to-clinicians format that has us most excited to have her take the Rise Health Movement to the next level” added Keith Pinter, CEO of Rise Health.

Reese joins an expanding medical economics, technology, and analytics operation that positions Rise Health as a leading Healthcare organization focused on giving clinicians tools, data, time & resources to deliver the best patient care in a global risk environment. Rise Health is growing from strength to strength – reducing the cost care and delivering the highest Net Promoter score from clinicians and patients alike.

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Rise Health acquires New Mexico Primary Care Group to deliver an innovative new care model in Las Cruces

August 30th, 2023

Rise Health, the leading payvider in the Southwest US, that acquires clinically excellent primary care providers has acquired New Mexico Primary Care Group in a deal to provide exceptional care to patients in Las Cruces and beyond.

New Mexico Primary Care Group offers incredible health care for patients, delivered by an experienced clinical team, offering primary care, wellness exams, diabetes and hyper-tension treatments, asthma and allergy care, women’s health and medical weight-loss programs. Their care for their patients is delivered across their two Las Cruces locations, one at 179 Howard Place and the other at 2405 South Telshor Blvd.

The clinical team is led by New Mexico Primary Care Group’s Medical Director, Dr. Sangeeth Shanbhag Pai, MD, who specializes in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine as Medical Director of New Mexico Primary Care Group and has been with the practice  for 14 years.

Rise Health’s patient first approach while placing primary care clinicians at the center of that care resonated when meeting Rise. We are excited to be working with their team to take better care of our patients.

shared Dr. Sangeeth Pai.   

Dr. Pai has built a wonderful practice and we are excited to be working with her in the New Mexico market.

said COO/President at Rise Health, Dr. Srini Bollimpalli. 

Rise Health will take an active role by working with the New Mexico Primary Care Group clinical team by providing them with tools, resources, time, data, clinical expertise, and deep operational know-how to deliver the best patient care in a global risk environment.

Serving as the payvider with NMPC, it’s our goal to support all of our clinicians with the necessary tools including technology, relevant service providers, admin, and payor contracting, needed to operate in a value based care environment, especially given the rural nature of the practice” Bollimpalli shared. “This will allow our clinicians to focus on the most important part of patient care, the patient.

Rise Health and New Mexico Primary Care Group are working together on innovative care paths and a new approach to healthcare; focusing on providing their patients with the goal to live the greatest number of healthy days possible. The way to make that goal a reality is to offer the people of Las Cruces a higher quality medical care.

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Rise Health Welcomes Jacquie Owens as VP of Managed Care

August 21st, 2023

Rise Health is pleased to introduce Jacquie Owens, our new Vice President of Managed Care. Jacquie will lead Rise Health’s efforts to develop and implement contract-related processes & policies, leading to streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency driving organizational growth and maintaining compliance in a highly regulated environment.

Jacquie joins Rise Health with over 24 years of expertise in managed care, healthcare operations, and strategy. Jacquie has successfully developed robust provider networks, innovative value-based payment models and adeptly negotiated complex risk, pay-for-performance, and fee-for-service contracts. Her vast experience spans across various healthcare domains, including commercial, MA, & Medicaid products.

Rise Health sees the continued need for collaboration between provider and payor in order for healthcare to evolve. With our experienced team, top-of-the-line technology, and our high-quality physician practices, we are prepared to partner with payors that have a desire to innovate, collaborate, and evolve.

Jacquie Owens, VP of Managed Care

The addition of Jacquie allows Rise Health, the leading payvider in the Southwest US, to deepen their relationships with providers and further expand their excellent payer relations, which is crucial in the global risk environment. Adding someone with Jacquie’s expertise and relationships deepens the Rise Health payer relations while simultaneously adding to the engagement levels with providers to help Rise Health follow their mantra of offering tools, resources, time, data, clinical expertise and deep operational know-how to their clinicians. 

Rise Health is growing from strength to strength. Adding Jacquie empowers Rise Health and their clinical teams to work together to achieve the collective goals of putting patients first and ensuring health care goals and interests align to achieve the best healthcare outcome.

Rise Health has become the premiere Southwest payvider, having worked with 150 primary care physicians and 300+ specialists to reduce the cost of care and increase the Net Promoter Score from both clinicians and patients.

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Rise Health Launches With Growth Equity Investment Made by Lorient and Martis

December 19th, 2022

PHOENIX, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Rise Health, a primary care platform that leverages technology to operate and support value-based primary care clinics, today announced the closing of a growth equity investment by Lorient Capital and Martis Capital to support continued market expansion.

Rise Health was founded to accelerate the adoption of value-based primary care to support primary care physicians in helping their patients get the best care possible. Rise Health provides its primary care practices with access to premium care delivery models and top-tier specialists to reduce practitioner administrative burden so they can focus on providing high-quality, evidence-based care for their patients. The technology-enabled model allows Rise Health to focus on outcomes and quality of care over volume of services with a focus on serving underserved patient populations.

"We co-founded Rise Health because we believe that primary care physicians know best how to care for their patients. Our value-based model aligns the business of primary care with the best interest of patients," said Justin Dangel, Rise Health co-founder and chairman and partner at Despierta. "We could not be more excited to partner with two world-class firms who share our vision for the future of primary care: Lorient and Martis Capital."

"We are excited to partner with an innovative and experienced management team at Rise Health that have spent their careers dedicated to clinical and operation excellence," said Jordan Broome, Managing Partner at Lorient Capital. "We have a shared vision to usher in the next generation of value-based care that is focused on partnering with primary care practices to help them evolve into the linchpin and quarterback of the care continuum they were always meant to be."

"This is an opportunity to partner with a unique value-based platform focused on driving reductions in healthcare cost while providing high-quality patient care," said Barry Uphoff, Founding / Managing Partner at Martis Capital. "The Rise team has a clear vision for how their differentiated approach and technology infrastructure can address this longstanding challenge."

The partnership will allow Rise Health to accelerate growth across the Southwest United States, with a focus on partnering with providers who are interested in eliminating unnecessary spending and improving the quality of care for their patients. Rise Health will continue to invest in technology to lower the cost curve and meet the needs of its growing patient population.

"We founded Rise Health because we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare, and that empowering primary care clinicians with the tools, technology and data to lead the transformation to value-based care is the best way to break down the barriers for traditionally underserved neighborhoods," said Keith Pinter, CEO and co-founder of Rise Health. "The team we have built to date, including Dr. Mike Phillips as our Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Srinivas Bollimpalli as our Chief Operations Officer, is taking the best of what they have seen in healthcare today and bringing it together to deliver a fundamentally different model to the people who need it most. The partnership announced today is a testament to the confidence we have in the future impact Rise will make on the industry and for our patients."

About Rise Health

Founded in 2021 by Keith Pinter, Justin Dangel, Joseph Whitner and Despierta, Rise Health is a primary care platform that leverages technology to support providers in taking full financial risk. With a mission to help keep patients healthy, Rise brings proven care delivery and clinical innovations to its patients to ensure they receive the care when, where and how they need it. To learn more about Rise Health's approach to primary care, visit us at: https://risehealth.net

About Lorient Capital

Lorient is a private investment firm focused exclusively on healthcare service and technology companies. Leveraging its experience as both investors and healthcare operators, Lorient works with founders and management teams to drive growth, optimize operations, and improve healthcare outcomes. Visit us at: https://lorientcap.com/

About Martis Capital

Based in San Francisco, CA and Washington, DC, Martis Capital is a team of investment professionals who share a passion for helping build companies that seek to improve the quality of care and address the complex challenges facing the healthcare industry today. Martis seeks to identify exceptional investment opportunities and achieve shared growth objectives with founder-led companies and management teams. Martis Capital has approximately $2 billion in assets under management and is currently investing out of its fourth fund. Visit us at: https://martiscapital.com

About Despierta

Despierta is a Miami-based venture studio that brings healthcare innovations to market faster by partnering with clinical customers at launch. The company is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors passionate about making healthcare more equitable, efficient, and accessible. We centralize care models and include proven tech and scientific innovations in each company we build to better serve patients. To date, the company has launched several businesses across value-based care and science-backed consumer health. Visit us at: https://despierta.vc

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Rise Health Public Relations

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Florida company purchases Silver Health CARE

November 9th, 2022

Silver Health CARE and its five facilities have been purchased by a Florida-based national management company, in a deal that both parties said would improve rural health care delivery in the region — and even beyond.
Dr. James Skee, one of the owners of Silver Health CARE, and Rise Health CEO Keith Pinter visited with the Daily Press in a virtual interview Thursday to discuss the purchase, which was announced to Silver Health employees on Monday. They did not disclose the purchase price.
Skee said that although the announcement came this week, the sale has been in the works for some time. He said staff of Silver Health was kept informed of the progress.
“I explained very carefully over the last few months the logic and the reasons. We’ve had meetings with a group from Rise, and they’ve gotten to know each other, and I think everybody sees that this is the way to go,” he said. “Medicine keeps getting more and more complex, the regulations get more complex and onerous. There’s just an awful lot to keep up with to make all the parts work, and bringing in all the outside resources that’s going to help us accomplish our goals is going to be something I look forward to.”
Silver Health CARE operates a clinic with urgent care at 1600 E. 32nd St. and a family clinic at 1380 U.S. 180 E., as well as a clinic with urgent care in Deming, a clinic in Bayard and at Fort Bayard Medical Center in Santa Clara.
Skee joined Silver Health in 1981 and co-owned the clinic with Dr. Laura Davenport-Reed.
Skee will remain with Silver Health as its chief medical officer and continue to see patients, something he said he might not have done without the sale to Rise.
“If I had to keep doing all this administrative stuff I’ve been doing for the last two-and-a-half decades, I would definitely be looking at stepping down fairly quickly,” he said. “But this sort of sustained me, and I made a commitment to my staff to be here for at least another three years and still be working with medical students and teaching. Teaching and seeing patients is what I like the best.”
No jobs will be cut, and Pinter said the partnership will allow even more medical staff to join the practice — in particular specialists who will be available virtually. Patients should be able to start seeing changes within the first few months of 2023, he said.
“We are bringing a whole cadre of sub-specialists or specialists that enable, right away, for that patient to be seeing a specialist within 48 hours of talking with their primary care [physician],” Pinter said.
Patients could visit with a neurosurgeon or even work with a physical therapist virtually while at home, he said.
“Hopefully, what people will see is improved care, improved access to care, and also what practitioners will see is better job satisfaction,” Pinter said.
The company will provide administrative support as well as technology for physicians to have relevant information for the patient, such as the latest care guidelines, he said.
The technology will also include the use of artificial intelligence used with medical equipment, Skee said.
“One thing that Rise is doing that I’m particularly excited about is implementing artificial intelligence within the machine,” he said.
Artificial intelligence will allow the equipment to make adjustments for health conditions the patient might have, in addition to what is being tested for or for what the physician wants to do in a specific situation, he said.
“Basically, [we] have the machine do some of the work for us, so that we’re doing less clicks in the exam room and more attention on the patient,” Skee said.
Pinter said Rise Health has targeted New Mexico for expansion in particular because of Skee’s work in rural health. He said the company plans to make Silver Health its flagship facility in the state.
That will largely be accomplished through value-based health care, Pinter said. Skee said medical practice is moving toward that system becoming the norm.
Traditionally, medical providers have been paid for procedures such as an office visit or operation, but value-based medicine is structured around keeping patients healthy, Skee said.
“Instead, what you do is you take care of a bunch of patients, and you’re not paid by the number of things you do — rather, you’re paid by keeping them healthy, keeping them out of the hospital. You’re paid for taking care of a panel of patients, rather than doing a bunch of stuff to them, and that’s a very big paradigm shift,” he said. “We’re sort of at the forefront of this, but in another five years, everybody is going to be doing this.”
“When you take an extraordinary practice as Dr. Skee has built, and you provide a set of tools, technologies and resources that quite honestly they haven’t been able to afford, and you change the way care is being delivered into this value-based environment, this is a very exciting partnership for the future of health care, especially in rural markets,” Pinter said.
“Hopefully, we’ll generate a model which would be replicated throughout the country,” Skee said. “This is relatively new stuff we’re doing.”

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Value-based care puts primary care and the patient back in the driver seat

Rise Health supplies access to technology, support, and care delivery models so that our providers have a complete picture of their patients’ health and are best positioned to manage their overall care.