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August 30th, 2023

Rise Health acquires New Mexico Primary Care Group to deliver an innovative new care model in Las Cruces

Rise Health, the leading payvider in the Southwest US, that acquires clinically excellent primary care providers has acquired New Mexico Primary Care Group in a deal to provide exceptional care to patients in Las Cruces and beyond.

New Mexico Primary Care Group offers incredible health care for patients, delivered by an experienced clinical team, offering primary care, wellness exams, diabetes and hyper-tension treatments, asthma and allergy care, women’s health and medical weight-loss programs. Their care for their patients is delivered across their two Las Cruces locations, one at 179 Howard Place and the other at 2405 South Telshor Blvd.

The clinical team is led by New Mexico Primary Care Group’s Medical Director, Dr. Sangeeth Shanbhag Pai, MD, who specializes in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine as Medical Director of New Mexico Primary Care Group and has been with the practice  for 14 years.

Rise Health’s patient first approach while placing primary care clinicians at the center of that care resonated when meeting Rise. We are excited to be working with their team to take better care of our patients.

shared Dr. Sangeeth Pai.   

Dr. Pai has built a wonderful practice and we are excited to be working with her in the New Mexico market.

said COO/President at Rise Health, Dr. Srini Bollimpalli. 

Rise Health will take an active role by working with the New Mexico Primary Care Group clinical team by providing them with tools, resources, time, data, clinical expertise, and deep operational know-how to deliver the best patient care in a global risk environment.

Serving as the payvider with NMPC, it’s our goal to support all of our clinicians with the necessary tools including technology, relevant service providers, admin, and payor contracting, needed to operate in a value based care environment, especially given the rural nature of the practice” Bollimpalli shared. “This will allow our clinicians to focus on the most important part of patient care, the patient.

Rise Health and New Mexico Primary Care Group are working together on innovative care paths and a new approach to healthcare; focusing on providing their patients with the goal to live the greatest number of healthy days possible. The way to make that goal a reality is to offer the people of Las Cruces a higher quality medical care.

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