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October 5th, 2023

Rise Health Welcomes Reese Dai as Vice President/Head of Analytics/Actuary

Rise Health is delighted to announce the appointment of Reese Dai as our new Vice President/ Head of Analytics/Actuary at Rise Health. With a wealth of experience in both health plans and provider organizations, Reese will play a key role in developing analytics and actuarial capabilities for our Primary Care providers. Reese is committed to equipping providers with the necessary data and analytics tools to enhance patient outcomes and optimize their decision-making processes. We are excited about the contributions Reese will make to our organization and look forward to the positive impact on our patients' healthcare journey.

Reese is an esteemed professional who has made significant contributions to the field of healthcare. As a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and holder of a Ph.D. in economics, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as an actuary and health care executive. 

With approximately two decades of experience in the healthcare sector, including Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid lines of business, Reese is well-versed in predictive modeling, risk adjustment, reserving, population health management, value-based care, and provider contracting. Her profound understanding of Medicare ACO and Medicare Advantage programs further enhances her ability to deliver exceptional results for our team. 

Reese's impressive background includes working with top-tier consulting firms, health plans, and provider groups. 

We are delighted to have someone of Reese's caliber on our team who can provide valuable insights and guidance based on their extensive experience in the industry.

“I'm delighted to be a part of Rise Health, the leading payvider in the Southwest US, as I continue my journey in Value-Based Care” said Reese Dai, “I highly appreciate this opportunity to leverage my actuarial training and professional expertise in crafting advanced analytic solutions for value-based care at Rise Health. My goal is to empower our healthcare professionals with data-driven insights, ultimately contributing to the well-being and health of our patients.”

By bringing Reese onboard, Rise Health, the leading payvider in the Southwest US, is poised to enhance its data and analytic operations. The objective is to empower clinicians in their mission to improve patients' overall well-being. Reese's extensive expertise in developing top-notch analytic solutions in value-based care makes her a valuable addition to Rise Health. Her deep understanding of the sector and care approach will greatly contribute to our organization's growth.

“We are thrilled to have Reese’s real world risk management and actuarial experience on the Rise team. While she has many solid accomplishments from her early days at Centene through building teams at ChenMed and VillageMD, it was her commitment to understanding the true drivers in value-based care – and communicating that information in an actionable-to-clinicians format that has us most excited to have her take the Rise Health Movement to the next level” added Keith Pinter, CEO of Rise Health.

Reese joins an expanding medical economics, technology, and analytics operation that positions Rise Health as a leading Healthcare organization focused on giving clinicians tools, data, time & resources to deliver the best patient care in a global risk environment. Rise Health is growing from strength to strength – reducing the cost care and delivering the highest Net Promoter score from clinicians and patients alike.

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