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August 21st, 2023

Rise Health Welcomes Jacquie Owens as VP of Managed Care

Rise Health is pleased to introduce Jacquie Owens, our new Vice President of Managed Care. Jacquie will lead Rise Health’s efforts to develop and implement contract-related processes & policies, leading to streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency driving organizational growth and maintaining compliance in a highly regulated environment.

Jacquie joins Rise Health with over 24 years of expertise in managed care, healthcare operations, and strategy. Jacquie has successfully developed robust provider networks, innovative value-based payment models and adeptly negotiated complex risk, pay-for-performance, and fee-for-service contracts. Her vast experience spans across various healthcare domains, including commercial, MA, & Medicaid products.

Rise Health sees the continued need for collaboration between provider and payor in order for healthcare to evolve. With our experienced team, top-of-the-line technology, and our high-quality physician practices, we are prepared to partner with payors that have a desire to innovate, collaborate, and evolve.

Jacquie Owens, VP of Managed Care

The addition of Jacquie allows Rise Health, the leading payvider in the Southwest US, to deepen their relationships with providers and further expand their excellent payer relations, which is crucial in the global risk environment. Adding someone with Jacquie’s expertise and relationships deepens the Rise Health payer relations while simultaneously adding to the engagement levels with providers to help Rise Health follow their mantra of offering tools, resources, time, data, clinical expertise and deep operational know-how to their clinicians. 

Rise Health is growing from strength to strength. Adding Jacquie empowers Rise Health and their clinical teams to work together to achieve the collective goals of putting patients first and ensuring health care goals and interests align to achieve the best healthcare outcome.

Rise Health has become the premiere Southwest payvider, having worked with 150 primary care physicians and 300+ specialists to reduce the cost of care and increase the Net Promoter Score from both clinicians and patients.

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Rise Health supplies access to technology, support, and care delivery models so that our providers have a complete picture of their patients’ health and are best positioned to manage their overall care.